Solid biomass

Wood chips Bark Wood pellets Agricultural pellets Construction residues Sawdust Bagasse Marabu Pips Waste

Due to their great variability (type, heating value, granulometry, humidity, contaminants), solid biomass fuels do not lend themselves to a single, universal solution. Faced with the perpetual search for efficiency and with new environmental challenges, BMA (Brais Malouin & Associates) engineers have had to overcome numerous challenges when adapting or optimizing the different biomass products used by their clientele. Over time, biomass has become an entirely separate specialty at BMA.

Solid biomass equipment

BMA Tech is now working to develop efficient combustion grates and artificially intelligent control systems for the future. A number of innovations resulting from these R&D efforts are now available.

The skills of BMA Tech employees enable us to design and optimize all the mechanical parts used in a combustion system. Share your specific needs with us and we will make them a reality!