Services offered

Our objective is to guide and help you throughout all your projects. Providing you with top-quality parts at competitive prices is a priority. But it’s also very important for us to ensure that all your needs and expectations are met, from the project creation to completion. For this reason, we are pleased to offer you a full range of services in collaboration with our parent company, BMA (Brais Malouin & Associates).

Auditing your facilities

The purpose of an audit is to assess the performance of equipment and auxiliaries.

Specialized engineering services

If your project requires specialized engineering or a specific inspection of your system, we will – with your permission – integrate the services of our parent company, BMA (Brais Malouin & Associates), into your process.

Brais Malouin & Associates is a consulting engineering firm. Its engineers specialize in the fields of energy, combustion, heat transfer and energy efficiency. They have in-depth knowledge of industrial thermal systems of all kinds. Their cutting-edge expertise in numerical simulation (CFD) is a virtual test bench on which problems can be diagnosed, current models optimized and new models developed. Visit their website for further details: Brais Malouin & Associates.