About us

Founded in 2007, BMA Tech is a manufacturer and distributor in the combustion domain (fossil fuels, solid biomass, and biofuels).

Our company was born of the desire to provide our clientele with quality equipment that marshals the unique expertise of our parent company, Brais Malouin & Associates (BMA), a renowned leader and innovator in the fields of energy, combustion, heat transfer and energy efficiency.

BMA, an energy engineering consulting firm specializing in combustion and numerical simulation, has established a world-wide reputation in the reduction of pollutants released during combustion and in the optimization of thermal systems of all kinds. They are proud to offer their clients efficient solutions while helping to reduce their environmental footprint.

Since its founding in 1991, BMA employees have stockpiled a treasure trove of innovative product ideas based on the environmental principals the company holds so dear. The inception of BMA Tech in 2007 allowed them to finally begin developing and disseminating these products.

Having obtained a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from McGill University and a Master’s in enginnering, specialized in combustion from the École Polytechnique de Montréal, Louis-Michel Malouin had the full support of his associates when he decided to launch BMA Tech.

Since 2007, BMA Tech has fostered the development of a line of products and components based on its philosophy of performance, sustainability and pollutant reduction. Through our innovative approaches to energy, we have developed a product line that is as effective as it is respectful of the environment.

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